Cult product Handy now available in a refill pouch


Of course, a refill pouch is nothing new. We’ve known about them for soaps, shower gels and detergents for a long time. But up to now Migros has not had a refill pouch for washing-up detergents. And these are not yet very common on the Swiss market anyway. It was therefore high time to switch to these for our cult product.

The new Handy Original refill pouch is a direct contribution to our sustainability strategy in the area of convenience. The Handy bottle can be refilled twice from the 1.5 litre refill pouch, which reduces the material used by 75% compared to a bottle. 

Regardless of whether it’s a bottle, a dispenser or an integrated kitchen system to be refilled, the refill pouch creates much less waste and bottle consumption.

Available from all major branches of Migros.