And the winner is… pH balance - rated “Very good”


A superb year for pH balance! Consumer magazines K-Tipp and Saldo have already rated products from the popular own brand as “Very good” three times. Testimony to the products’ quality and that this range has gauged the mood of the time.

Sustainability and health are highly fashionable. The trend is not just towards avoiding waste - there is also a focus on products that do not contain irritants. Care for sensitive skin in particular is becoming increasingly important because many people are affected by it. There are several causes: skin irritation can be triggered by external influences such as climate, use of detergents, as well as use of skincare with a variety of ingredients. This is why the desire for products that do not use questionable ingredients has risen enormously in recent years.

For daily care of sensitive skin

Impelled by this trend and awareness of healthy skin, own brand pH balance has enjoyed continuous growth and is highly regarded at Migros. The line is perfect for daily care of sensitive skin. It has a skin-friendly pH value and is enriched with valuable active ingredients that are kind to skin and prevent irritation. There are also absolutely no colours or parabens.

Adapted to consumers’ needs

Product ingredient transparency is extremely important. In the age of the Internet and global networking, consumers are better informed than ever and question the composition of the products they use and their effect. They are intentionally looking for brands that embrace the same values and which contribute to a healthy complexion. Consumer magazines K-Tipp and Saldo also play a part, as every year they conduct a plethora of product tests. Ingredients are tested for use of any harmful substances or perfumes that can cause allergic reactions, for example. Manufacturers and suppliers are unable to influence the test procedure or outcome.

As the Mibelle Group attaches great importance to consumer needs, where possible it avoids using questionable ingredients from the start. Existing recipes for all products are regularly checked for their ingredients as part of internal testing, in order to uphold our product promise. Problematic substances are eliminated from the formula wherever possible and are not used at all in new developments. 

Top marks from K-Tipp and Saldo

Not only consumers, but also K-Tipp and Saldo, have been won over by pH balance’s high-quality recipes, and continuous internal review of individual ingredients. This year the following have been awarded top marks in product tests:

K-Tipp Body lotion test no. 1/2021
pH balance Body Milk Urea 10% – Rated: Very good
Number of products tested: 12
The Body Milk soothes very dry skin thanks to its use of urea. Urea, a substance present in human tissue, is used in cosmetics and skincare products to moisturise skin.

K-Tipp Shower oil test no. 2/2021
pH balance Shower Oil – Rated: Very good
Number of products tested: 12
Shower products containing oil help to care for sensitive skin and prevent it from drying out, especially in the winter months.

Saldo Shower gel test 03/2021
pH balance Shower Gel – Rated: Very good
Number of products tested: 14
Developed with especially gentle active ingredients to prevent skin irritation during daily use.
The relevant Saldo article also refers to our unperfumed pH balance shower gel, which Saldo recommends as being highly suitable for allergy sufferers.

pH balance has come out on top in tests several times in recent years, which in each case lent impetus to its successful sales. pH balance - a brand whose high quality and optimum value for money resonate - can only be a winner!

pH balance Body Milk Urea 10%

pH balance Shower Oil

pH balance Shower Gel