Sustainability Review 2015: closer to our goal with every step

Corporate sustainability is not a single, massive project with a time limit. It is a combination of diverse individual projects and investments of differing sizes and scopes throughout the entire organisation. Many projects are based on innovative ideas and initiatives from employees. Together with a clearly formulated strategy with ambitious objectives, these are precisely the people whose daily commitment will make the individual projects successful.

Sustainability Roadmap

The M-Industry’s road map shows the way to a more sustainable future. We have already been able to highlight several projects implemented by the Mibelle Group which represent our contribution to achieving these goals.

Environmental management certified

For a long time the Mibelle Group has been working to cut environmental pollution. The ISO 14001 international environmental management standard awarded to our Swiss sites at Buchs (Mibelle AG) and Frenkendorf (Mifa AG) in spring 2015 is proof of our success. Both sites thus meet this standard’s rigorous requirements.
ISO 14001 certification obliges us to take a systematic, comprehensive management approach: the basis is compliance with all current environmental regulations and environmentally friendly, efficient production processes. We are furthermore optimising all environmental measures as part of a continuous improvement process (CIP). This obligation extends beyond production to all areas, including environmental policy and employee training.

High-quality products with sustainable claims

At Product Development we try to bring to market products that are environmentally friendly, as well as being innovative, efficient and effective. The Mibelle Group manufactures the own brand M-Plus laundry and cleaning detergents for Migros, whose products are 97% or more biodegradable. As of 2015 all Handymatic dishwasher detergents supplied to Migros are phosphate free.
In the Personal Care division we use particularly energy-saving methods to manufacture creams and lotions. With very few exceptions we also avoid the use of raw materials based on animal products. We also use environmentally friendly raw materials.
In the Nutrition division, 100% of the palm oil used in food is sustainably grown according to the RSPO segregation standard (SG). There is still a lot to do in this area, but we are on the right course.

Innovations for more ecological packaging

After we were honoured with the Swiss Packaging Award in August for the innovative “M Plus Oeco Power” spray bottles, we have now also won the “WorldStar Awards”. The “WorldStar” is the packaging industry’s most important global award, organised every year by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). The award-winning bottles are made of 100% recycled PET, saving a lot of oil. “Far too often nowadays plastics are recycled, but used for lower quality products (downcycling). Mibelle Group, on the other hand, produces its bottles in a closed circuit, without downcycling. This is major progress for the industry”, said chairman of the jury, Stefan Jüde, when awarding the prize.
Not only are the spray bottles environmentally friendly, they are also truly innovative. As the colour of reused PET material can vary greatly, it was a particular challenge for our developers to achieve a transparent bottle with no discolouration.
This innovation is also making a contribution to the promise made by the “Generation M” sustainability programme, in which our parent company Migros has promised to ecologically optimise more than 6,000 tonnes of packaging materials by 2020. The recycled PET spray bottles are a major step towards achieving this goal. In the Personal Care sector too we have set ourselves the goal of converting all PET bottles to 50% recycled material and using more recycled materials for PET bottles from 2016.

Climate: any reduction is an improvement


In the field of specific energy consumption, the aim is to achieve maximum energy efficiency and thus reductions. We have already managed to make some savings:
Reduction in specific energy consumption at Mifa AG between 2003 and 2014: electricity -27%, natural gas/heating oil -47%, absolute CO2 emissions -37%.
Reduction in specific energy and water consumption in 2014 at Mibelle AG compared to the previous year: heat energy -15.6%, electrical energy -8.2%, drinking water -7%.
These are very pleasing results and there are many exciting projects and investments in the pipeline to further improve energy efficiency.

Pollution: more recycling, less waste

Mifa AG recycles or composts 62% of waste; Mibelle AG has increased its recycling rate over the year by 5% to 50% (as of 2014).
At Mibelle AG specific waste volumes for this year are below 60 kg/tonne product, so we are on target.
In the period from 2003 to 2014, Mifa AG reduced its specific waste water (m3/tonne finished product) by 28%.

Getting ahead with apprentices

Frau Jordi

We have enormously expanded our apprenticeship scheme with the aim of developing a supply of specialists adequate for our future needs. As of August 2015 we offer a total of 13 different vocational courses (including rotation of apprentices with partner firms) and the number of apprentices has been increased to 44 (as of 1.8.2015). Apprentices therefore represent 6.4% of the total workforce. The Mibelle Group has thus already exceeded the target it set itself for 2020.
In addition, at the start of 2015 Mifa AG was awarded the “Friendly Work Space” label (systematic corporate health management).

This is an impressive result. We still have a lot to do, but our teams are willing and motivated to achieve even more. I wish you all every success in helping the Mibelle Group to meet its ambitious sustainability targets.

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