(Why do) the Japanese make the best Swiss? What is Mibelle Group doing in Japan?

I recently spent a few days again in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, on business. It is amazing how perfectly everyday life is organised in this capital city. The trains run to the second, roads, restaurants and taxis are squeaky clean. Even the toilet seats are “heated” and many tourists buy one as a souvenir, because this innovation is not (yet) available in their countries. Every employee performs his job, even if fairly basic, with pride and honour. People respect each other in an impressive way, as is shown merely by queuing in the Underground station. Do things work better in this country than in ours because the people live closer together and have to be more circumspect?

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind, although of course I also value the traits of my compatriots very highly too. In Japan it was always a little bit more than expected.

Migros Industry in Japan

Mibelle Group is now represented in Japan as part of Migros Industry’s new commercial enterprise. That was the reason for my trip. The office is based close to the Tokyo Tower, by the way.


I heard that the Japanese not only love the Swiss mountains, they also love our chocolate, biscuits and preserves.

What about cosmetics in Japan?

Japan is the world’s biggest market for facial care. Japanese women will soon be even more beautiful thanks to cosmetics – Zoé of Switzerland – developed and manufactured by Switzerland’s Mibelle Group. Although our little country of Switzerland has much in common with Japan, we are probably no better or worse. We do have one thing in common. Here is some more information about this path Migros is taking.  (http://www.mindustry.co.jp/).

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