Swissness for India – expansion of the bodycare brand Swiss Tempelle

Twelve months ago we reported here about the launch of our new Swiss Tempelle brand in India. This unique bodycare range is a fusion of Swissness and Indianess that combines ingredients from these two different cultures. Following the successful market launch, Swiss Tempelle is now being expanded to include a collection of facial cleansing products. Our specially developed social media campaign “get Swissed” – with a leading role played by India’s prominent star blogger Miss Malini – has even won us a Digital Industry Award.

India is increasingly becoming a key pillar on the path to further internationalisation for the Mibelle Group. The land of a thousand secrets is not only defined by mythology and Bollywood. It is also one of the fastest growing G20 industrialised countries with attractive growth in the middle class and, as a result, increasing purchasing power. At the same, India also remains a typical developing country facing numerous challenges, for example burgeoning bureaucracy, poor infrastructure etc. This makes tapping the market for us into an exciting challenge every day. Almost all Indians view Switzerland as a dream country where people have access to first-class products. This affinity with Swissness offers us a high level of potential which we want to utilise.

Line Extension launched successfully

For the last year we have been present on the Indian market with our Swiss Tempelle shower and body lotions. Recently we achieved another important milestone: the first one million CHF in retail sales! In a new market with a newly created brand, such a positive response among consumers is certainly not a given, no matter how careful the preparations.
The reactions we received in the first months were so positive that together with our partner we decided to tackle and implement the next concepts. As well as introducing an additional range of innovative shower products, we have also started to tap the next exciting category: facial cleansing. Here, too, we are focussing on following our “Fusion Secrets Story” by combining high-quality ingredients, e.g. neem and tulsi, with Swiss glacier water, producing a fusion of Swissness and Indianess.

Awarded Social Media Campaign

For the launch of these new Swiss Tempelle products we created the social media campaign #GetSwissed. Supported by our ambassador Miss Malini (one of the most renowned female bloggers in India with over 2 million followers on Facebook), the campaign created a positive stir and even won the Digital Industry Award for “Best use of Social Media in Digital Campaign” in India.
As a newcomer in India, it is simply fantastic to see how working together with our local partner has enabled us to plan and implement such an attractive campaign after just one year.  As social media has a huge influence in India, this plays an important role in how we are tapping the market.

By introducing our new Swiss Tempelle products, we are bringing another slice of Swissness onto the Indian market. We look forward to seeing how the brand will develop over the coming weeks and months and will keep you up to date on our progress here.

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