Swiss Tempelle – our new umbrella brand launches in India

The launch of the first body care range for India, “Swiss Tempelle”, is another successful milestone on this long and exciting journey which still continues today. First and foremost, we had to develop a completely new business model for a market that was completely unknown to us. It is a market that is dynamic and highly complex. At the same time, we had to find an attractive partner and create a sustainable framework for our joint business activities.

It is now a year since we signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the biggest retailer in India, the Future Group. Luigi Pedrocchi reported on this step towards entering the Indian market here. After founding the joint venture was founded in October, we worked hard on developing the first umbrella brand for the Indian market, which we named “Swiss Tempelle”.

In creating “Swiss Tempelle”, we have successfully fused together two cultures by combining Indian consumers’ positive image of Switzerland with familiar Indian values. The product formulas are the result of our intensive and fruitful Swiss-Indian collaboration. We tailored the formulas to the preferences of Indian consumers by combining typical Indian and Swiss ingredients, for example lotus and alpine rose or tulsi and Edelweiss.

The Indian team was very impressed with the way we implemented the concepts and was excited about the launch of “Swiss Tempelle” in India. Kishore Biyani, the owner of the Future Group, and his daughter Avni Biyani, Joint Venture Board Member, were delighted to see the first production samples in person in Buchs.


Just recently we were finally able to launch the sale of “Swiss Tempelle” in India. The six different body care products (three shower gels and three body lotions) are now available in 217 hypermarkets in all large Indian cities.


We look forward to seeing how our market entry develops. Due to the strong growth of the middle class, the market harbours great potential and many opportunities, especially as Indians associate ‘Swissness’ and Swiss products with high Quality.

Future Group is supporting the launch at the point of sales with all its energy and is attractively positioning “Swiss Tempelle” in its stores. Joint promotional activities such as sample sachets and a mood movie have been designed to ensure consumer attention and to familiarise customers with the “Swiss Tempelle” story.

The first sales figures are very promising. If the brand performs in India as well as it did in our market tests last year, we can look very positively ahead to the future.

Parallel to the launch, we are also working on additional product ranges. In addition, we are in the process of setting up the local infrastructure. We are currently taking a closer look at local manufacturers so that in the medium term we can produce in India for the local market.

We look forward to reporting on our next steps in India in the near future.

SRF will be accompanying us to India for its business magazine programme ECO. Together we will be visiting our business partners and sales points for “Swiss Tempelle”. The report will be available to view here soon.


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