The Mibelle Group puts sustainability into practice

With high standards and out of conviction

If I want to understand our unique approach to sustainable development, I look to our origins. The Mibelle Group is part of a greater whole. At the beginning of 2015, the independent rating agency Oekem Research named Migros, our parent group, the world’s most sustainable retailer. 140 retailers worldwide were rated on the basis of 100 social and ecological criteria. Our parent company M-Industry also has very ambitious targets. Its vision for 2040 also applies for us: 100% sustainable raw materials. 100% renewable energies. 100% recycling. ( )

We have a long way to go until then but the words of our CEO Luigi Pedrocchi hold true for us today: «Responsible production, research and management has characterised the Mibelle Group from the outset. We have thus ascribed to a comprehensive vision of sustainability and a corresponding commitment. We not only help our customers to obtain full services optimally tailored to their requirements – sustainability is part of the conviction at our company and offers our customers an expedient added value.»

Our Swiss sites have recently been certified in compliance with the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard. This is why I am writing this article today. I’m delighted that we’ve done it.

Sustainability is not a specific individual’s responsibility, it happens when everyone acts sustainably

How exactly does the Mibelle Group bring sustainability to life? I had my colleagues explain this to me in detail. My colleague Patrick Bechtel, Head of Operating Technology at Mifa AG, our site in Baselbiet, summed up our attitude. He says: “I’m not ‘directly’ responsible for sustainability, but sustainability is now an integral part of my work and projects.” Many of my colleagues share Mr. Bechtel’s opinion – colleagues from all areas of the company: from HR to infrastructure and from the laboratory to production. I really want to share some current examples with you:

Sustainable production:

The economical and careful use of all resources is the basis for sustainable production. The aim is to achieve major savings. And this requires lots of different measures: larger ones, such as a 9.5-million-franc investment in the new energy centre at the Frenkendorf site, and smaller ones, such as the switch to LED lighting or to the hot-cold procedure or intelligent boiler heating at the Buchs site. Particular attention is paid to efficiency with positive side effects. Thomas Aliverti, Head of Infrastructure at the Mibelle AG, gave me an example: “By 2020, about 80% of our production areas will be illuminated by LED lights. The most important reason behind this is that we want to save more energy as LEDs consume up to 70% less electricity than fluorescent tubes.” The additional benefit is that light from LEDs doesn’t flicker and this creates a more pleasant working atmosphere and, after the nightshift, employees are generally less tired.


For more about our sustainable production, go to: ( )

Sustainable innovations:

The above-named 100% targets of M-Industry’s sustainability vision are only possible thanks to sustainable innovations and new technologies – a tremendous task for my colleagues working in our Research & Development laboratories. For example, in cosmetics manufacture, we work on certified high-performance natural cosmetics and on the biotech cultivation of stem cells from rare plants. We only use sustainable palm oil in our foods. Palm oil is a major topic. ( And we are conducting intensive research into detergents and cleaning agents, which always offer improved biodegradability. Dr. Michael Lang, Head of Research and Development Home Care at Mifa AG, names some specific figures: “We support Migros in its promise to ensure that 80% of detergents and cleaning agents are at least 80% biodegradable by 2018. We have already attained at least 97% with the M-Plus cleaning agents and detergents – still with a very good cleaning performance.”

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For more about our sustainable innovations, go to: ( )

Social commitment:

Of course, we also assume responsibility for our employees by providing good working conditions. As a pilot company in the Mibelle Group, Mifa AG has achieved the «Friendly Work Space®» award for its systematic health management system. “All new applicants ask us about the Friendly Work Space quality label. Highly qualified candidates in particular set great store by the fact that we really look after our employees’ health. So the award is having an effect both within the company and externally. This is what we wanted to achieve,” said Thomas Gasser, Head of Human Resources Management at Mifa AG. The Mibelle Group is also very committed to our trainees. We employ almost 30 trainees in a wide variety of different occupations requiring formal training.

Friendly Workspace_4_V2

For more about our social commitment, go to: (

I’ll give you in this blog more information about our sustainability efforts in the near future.

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