Our Customer Service and its anecdotes from everyday life

Even in the online age, customers still regularly pick up the phone to talk to us on our Customer Service hotline number 0800 812 300. We are available with advice, information and a sympathetic ear when someone complains about a product.

Our phone line is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and keeps us on our toes. Our phone is particularly busy when there’s a full moon. We continue to be surprised by our customers’ experiences with our products. In addition to useful tips and comments about improving quality, we keep hearing stories that require us to clarify minor misunderstandings. We should like to share a small selection of these with you:

Confusion with Zoé Revital Retinol capsules

A customer phoned us and said that she didn’t like the taste of the retinol capsules and did not experience the promised effect, even though she was taking the product on a daily basis. The customer was obviously confused by the shape of the capsules. We clarified the situation and told the customer that she should apply the capsules directly to the skin and not swallow them. We also explained that she needn’t worry about her health now as the capsules consist mainly of vitamin A and, if swallowed by mistake, are not harmful to health. However, they don’t, of course, have the desired effect in the stomach ;-).


An unfortunate mix-up 

A friendly customer phoned us somewhat confused and told us that she had just had a shower and used body lotion and, in the heat of the moment, had used shower gel instead of body lotion to moisturise her skin. Her skin was very sticky and she wanted to check whether the shower gel, that had now dried, would leave any harmful traces on her skin. We were able to reassure her and recommended that she take another shower to wash it off.

Nail-polish remover and its effec

A customer phoned to make a complaint. She had tried both M-Classic nail-polish removers, with and without acetone, but they did not work. After using them, her nails were still the same colour. A little surprised, we asked her what kind of nail polish she had used. She said that she’d been to a beauty salon and also had to hold her hands in a box with blue light. So that was the mistake! Without knowing it, the customer had had gel nails applied. Unfortunately, no nail-polish remover will help with that: the customer had to have her nails professionally filed before she could apply normal nail polish again.

As you see, our work in the Customer Service throws up lots of interesting stories and we are again sharing some of these with you in this blog. We are already wondering what questions we will be asked tomorrow. In the words of Wolfgang von Goethe: “He who is not curious learns nothing”.

One thought on “Our Customer Service and its anecdotes from everyday life”

  1. Steven Takhar

    Great quote at the end!
    In order to add value to products which Mibelle produce on behalf of Migros, it may help if clearer text and graphics could be inserted on pack to illustrate the correct uses and things to avoid. This potentially will help customers who call in with (in some cases) strange questions.


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