Growth with certified natural cosmetics

Mibelle AG is meeting the growing demand for natural cosmetics with many products it has developed itself. It relies on internationally recognised certifications.

  • The NaTrue label is an internationally recognised quality seal for tested natural cosmetics. Mibelle AG manufactures more than 70 products that are certified in compliance with the NaTrue standard.

  • The «I am Natural Cosmetics» range is available from Migros and is manufactured by Mibelle AG. This range now comprises almost 40 products; all have been awarded the international NaTrue label for certified natural cosmetics.

  • The oil from the seeds of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus hybrid) is an important basic raw material for the «I am Natural Cosmetics» product range.

  • Depending on the product, natural cosmetics can be made of very many different ingredients (formulation). All components have a natural origin: mainly plant-based but sometimes also mineral-based.

More and more men and women are using natural cosmetics. In Switzerland, their share of the total cosmetics market may be just 3% but it is growing at a much higher rate of about 10%. Mibelle AG is also reporting a higher demand for natural cosmetics. So far, there has been no independent statutory basis for this generic term. Natural cosmetics are cosmetics with a natural origin, mainly plant-based but also mineral. They are free from petrochemical substances and synthetic components that do not occur in nature, for example, silicones in shampoos or artificial scents. In addition, the term natural cosmetics generally implies that certain sustainability requirements are met in both cultivation and production.

Dr. Bernhard Irrgang, Head of Research and Development Personal Care, explains the stance of Mibelle AG: “As a large own-brand manufacturer, clarity is very important for us. This is why our natural-cosmetics products have clear certifications. For example, we offer more than 70 products with the international NaTrue standard. This standard meets strict regulations that are controlled by an independent body. We assume that NaTrue will become established as a standard in Europe in the long-term. There is a lot of confusion on the market as to what natural cosmetics actually are so we want things to be really clear.”

Extreme care and cleanliness in production itself are just as important as these requirements. “A low-germ environment is as essential as consistently cleaning our systems to prevent so-called cross-contamination. For us, sustainability also means that we always know exactly what is in the products, that there is no contamination,” says Irrgang. This also applies, of course, to classical cosmetics that still play the lead role. “As far as possible, we now use up to 95% plant-based raw materials in our classical cosmetics. And for some effects, classical cosmetics are still simply superior to natural cosmetics. Just think about skin-smoothing effects, the variety of synthetic perfumes or styling products that give hair an ultra-firm hold.”

However, even here, natural cosmetics are catching up, so their role as innovation driver is becoming increasingly important. Irrgang: “Overall, the level of quality has increased significantly in recent years thanks to better ingredients and better technologies: the absorption, the feel on the skin, the moisturising, the feel of the hair when washing it – in these areas, well-made natural cosmetics are today absolutely on a par with classical cosmetics. And we also receive special development orders for natural cosmetics that make particularly high requirements on the cosmetic quality. So we are required to develop certified natural cosmetics that set the benchmark on the market.”

Sustainability facts about the natural cosmetics produced by Mibelle AG:

  • Mibelle AG can develop and manufacture products for its clients in compliance with natural cosmetic standards; it has committed to the NaTrue international natural cosmetic standard.
  • For its clients, Mibelle AG develops and manufactures a total of 200 products that are certified in compliance with NaTrue. These are spread over three NaTrue levels of certification: level 1 natural cosmetics, level 2 natural cosmetics with organic component, level 3 organic cosmetics.
  • The range of own-brand “I am Natural” products manufactured by Mibelle AG for Migros already comprises almost 40 different products and it is fully certified in compliance with NaTrue.
  • With this commitment, Mibelle AG is also contributing to fulfil the Generation M (Migros sustainability programme) promise to double the Migros range of natural cosmetics by 2015.

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