The Mibelle Group is joining forces with the successful German influencer xLaeta and launching the joint beauty label nju. The hair care range consists of a basic line and a limited edition collection. The pretty and cheerful products are inspired and jointly developed by xLaeta.

The Mibelle Group is expanding its brand range and launching the beauty label nju alongside German YouTube star xLaeta. The brand embodies the attitude taken by the popular influencer and many young women and girls, who enjoy their lives and are continuously making new discoveries. The hair care range consists of the basic line "sparkle on nju roses" and the limited edition collection "inspire with nju cocos". All products are vegan, dermatologically tested and do not contain silicone – and, of course, are enriched with plenty of glitter, sparkle and a few small surprises à la xLaeta. nju is officially available from dm in Germany and Austria starting in mid-July. In Switzerland the products can be purchased in all large Migros branches starting in October.

YouTube-Star with own beauty brand

Long, blond hair and a love of roses and everything that glitters and sparkles: that's Julia, better known as xLaeta. The 22-year-old YouTuber from Cologne has been one of the big names in the German-speaking social media world for five years, thanks to over a million followers. The beauty- and fashion-loving student is delighted to get a little closer to her fans with her own product line.

Like her pseudonym xLaeta (laeta = "a cheerful woman" in Latin – with "x" as a prefix), the brand name nju is a word creation typical of screenagers and is made up of new and Julia.

Developed by the Mibelle Group

The Mibelle Group is the brand owner and developer of nju. Through its partnership with xLaeta, the Mibelle Group is picking up on a big trend: nju was specially created for a new generation that wishes to be emotionally and very personally connected with a brand and its ambassador. And that is exactly what xLaeta stands for.

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