Edi.17 © Swissfilm Association

At the Edi.17 awards ceremony on 2 November 2017, Don Lavaggio and his clan cleaned up in a completely legal way. The WINGO films received a gold Edi.17 award in the “Online adverts” category. The Edi. is the Swiss award for production of commissioned advertising, industry and corporate films. The competition is under the auspices of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs and was held for the eighteenth time by Swissfilm Association.

The laundry and cleaning detergent market is extremely competitive and saturated. Conventional advertising campaigns are ridden with clichés of beaming housewives cleaning and doing the laundry. WINGO consciously distanced itself from this and chose an unconventional, striking communications message. The brand referenced gangsters. In the WINGO films, hardened mafiosi, including Don Lavaggio, the mafia boss, show how to remove stubborn stains. His motto - “No trace - no problem” is also the campaign motto.

WINGO won over the jury with this idea because the concept breaks with the customary sector clichés and uses persuasive storytelling, great casting and a coherent message. This means that this year WINGO is among the best commissioned advertising, industry and corporate film productions. The campaign, which features seven films in total, is primarily geared to online channels. “We are highly delighted at the Gold award from Edi. We wanted to break the conventional industry mould with the communications strategy we chose and to be in keeping with the times. We will strive to continue to entertain our customers so we retain their loyalty to the brand”, said Astrid Roland, Brand Manager at the Mibelle Group.