A Passion for Strong Brands

In the skin and body care sector, only the brands that firmly establish themselves in the hearts and minds of the consumers will prevail. The Mibelle Group develops and sells brands that are carefully aligned to strategic retail customer’s requirements and consumer demands

Innovation as a driving force for market success

With high-quality facial and body care products positioned in growth and trend segments, benchmarked against best-in-class brands and formulations, Mibelle Group Brands creates compelling propositions in close contact with buyers and consumers. A team of experienced product, retail and marketing experts develop branded products with important differentials, innovative compositions of high-quality ingredients and attention to aesthetic detail. With their focus on exceptional quality and a high level of product efficacy, the Mibelle Group Brands portfolio compares well with the market-leading brands in each sector in which it competes.

Professional Brand Management and Sales Solutions

The marketing experts at Mibelle Group Brands provide a full spectrum of support to the customer, covering the entire process of brand management. Mibelle Group Brand's portfolio is tailored to meet a wide variety of retail environments from mass market to wellness centres and spas and direct to consumer platforms.

  • Analysis of the market trends and gap identification
  • Development of exclusive Brands in the Personal Care sector
  • An innovation-driven product portfolio aligned with retailer specific strategies
  • Exceptional speed to market due to efficient and flexible process organisation
  • Close rapport with customers leading to the creation of industryleading propositions
  • Flexibility of approach and the ability to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of retail formats

Mibelle Group Brands work on an international level with the world's largest retailers, ensuring that the product and marketing concepts align perfectly with their sales and consumer strategies. The maintenance of close partnerships with their retailers and the strong reputation of Mibelle Group Brands as a competent and effective partner, form the basis for, sustainable, mutual success across a myriad of categories.

Brand Personalities with Potential

At the start of product development, consumer requirements are analysed in depth and market gaps identified. Based on this research, the goal is to create brand personalities that inspire consumers and successfully prevail on the fast-moving skincare and body care markets. Its unique relationships with Mibelle Group Biochemistry and manufacturing business units ensure Mibelle Group Brands has access to a plethora of ground breaking innovation and highly efficient production, ensuring exceptional speed to market, and a constantly evolving consumer proposition.