To access emerging markets with new business models

In the New Markets division we concentrate on successfully accessing new markets (emerging markets), which usually have complex framework conditions and structural challenges.
New business models, cooperations and alliances are key components in successful access to emerging markets.
Topic areas such as legal & compliance or tax are also central to developing these markets, as well as purely commercial considerations. Geographically our focus is on southern Asia, India and southern Africa.
In the case of India we are already successfully working closely with India’s biggest retail organisation and in 2015 we got a joint venture underway for Mibelle Group.

Swiss Tempelle – our new umbrella brand in India

For India we have created a new umbrella brand Swiss Tempelle together with our partner for the local market. As of August 2016 body- and face care products developed specifically for this market have been available locally. Our main idea when developing the concept was to create an authentic experience for local consumers from the symbiosis of Swiss and Indian body- and face care know-how by using appropriate key active ingredients from Switzerland and India: Fusion Secrets.